Download Stumble Guys For PC V0.53.1: On Windows 7/8/10/11

Download and play stumble guys on pc for free

Download the latest version of Stumble Guys for PC and enjoy the gameplay on a large screen.

You can play the modified version of the game with the help of an emulator or on the Steam platform. You can download the latest version for Android and Stumble Guys for iOS.

We have all heard of Stumble Guys, the smash-hit mobile game that has taken the world by storm. From its simple yet addictive gameplay to its colorful cartoon graphics, this game is a must-have for every mobile gamer.

Prepare to elevate your gaming journey to new heights as you immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Stumble Guys on PC! With Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 compatible versions available, you can now play Stumble Guys on your laptop or desktop computer.

Stumble Guys for pc windows 7,8,10,11

The modified version of Stumble Guys is also available to play on PC but you must download an emulator to play Stumble Guys mod APK on your PC Windows.

Let us guide you through downloading and installing Stumble Guys for PC and show you how to make the most of this awesome game! We’ll also tell you about the different game mechanics and controls as well as some winning strategies so you can become an expert in no time!

Game DeveloperKitka Games Studio
System Requirements for PC2 GB Space, 4 GB RAM
MOD FeaturesUnlocked on Emulators
Safe to Play?100% Safe
Latest Versionv0.51.4
Last Update04 July 2023

Get ready to customize your character and unlock achievements while having loads of fun – it’s time to stumble around like never before with Stumble Guys on PC!

Play Stumble Guys On PC

You can now play Stumble Guys on your PC – with over 10 million downloads, it’s one of the most popular games around! It’s a multiplayer game full of crazy obstacles and hilarious bumbling.

Players are challenged to navigate through an obstacle course filled with wacky platforms, spinning wheels, and more! As you progress in the game, the levels become increasingly difficult and you must use strategy to make sure you reach the end without a misstep.

The game is perfect for individuals seeking both entertainment and a rewarding challenge. The best part about playing Stumble Guys on your PC is that it doesn’t require any extra hardware or software other than what’s already installed on your computer.

You can just fire up the game and get started right away! Plus, if you’re connected to Wi-Fi or have an internet connection then you can even join in online competitions against other players from around the world! There’s no need for expensive consoles or extra equipment.

Stumble Guys has been well received by gamers everywhere thanks to its easy-to-learn yet challenging gameplay. No special skills are required to embark on your journey; all that’s needed is determination and a readiness to embrace laughter throughout the experience!

Now that it’s available on PC, there’s no reason not to give this quirky party game a try – so why not jump into a round today?

Moving forward, we’ll look at how to play the mod version of Stumble Guys for PC.

Play MOD Version On PC

Now you can explore the fun, mod version of Stumble Guys on your computer! Experience a distinctive gaming adventure with this version of the game, featuring an array of fresh levels and thrilling challenges. Engage in online multiplayer battles as you unlock an assortment of new characters, captivating skins, and numerous exciting rewards along the way.

stumble guys pc gameplay

The mod version enhances the visual experience with improved graphics and captivating animations, elevating the joy of gameplay. What’s more, you have the freedom to personalize your character by exploring a wide range of customization options, including clothing, hairstyles, accessories, and countless other possibilities.

As you advance through each level, your gaming experience will continue to elevate, providing an enhanced sense of enjoyment. Even if you’re not a pro at this game, there are plenty of options for beginners too!

stumble guys mod for pc

This mod version of Stumble Guys is sure to bring hours of entertainment right to the comfort of your own home. The game’s captivating visuals and immersive gameplay make it a beloved choice for countless individuals who enjoy playing it on their computers.

Now, get ready for some intense virtual action – download and install Stumble Guys for PC today!

How to Download and Install Stumble Guys For PC

Setting up this game on your computer is a hassle-free and uncomplicated process. To do so, you’ll need to download the appropriate files for Stumble Guys from this website and install them on your PC. Below is a concise overview of the steps you need to follow:

  1. Download Stumble Guys for PC from this website or Epic Games.
  2. After the download is complete, launch the installer file and adhere to the provided instructions to install it on your computer.
  3. Launch Stumble Guys from the Start menu or desktop shortcut after installation is complete.
  4. Enjoy playing!

The process of installing Stumble Guys for PC is simple and straightforward, so make sure to follow all steps correctly in order to ensure a successful installation. With that being said, once installed properly you can enjoy playing this exciting game with its unique game mechanics and controls!

Game Mechanics and Controls

Once installed, Stumble Guys offers an exciting and unique game experience with its quirky game mechanics and controls.

Players take control of a cartoonish avatar known as the Stumbler. The objective is to traverse a series of obstacle courses filled with hazards such as spinning blades, high walls, and disappearing platforms. The goal is to reach the end of the course in one piece without being eliminated by the other players.

Stumble guys pc different game modes

In order to do this, players must use a combination of quick reflexes, strategy, and luck. The controls are simple but effective; all actions are mapped to two main buttons on the keyboard or controller.

Movement is controlled using WASD or the directional pad keys while jumping is activated via the spacebar or A button. Additionally, you’ll come across power-ups dispersed across each level that offer diverse effects, including temporary invincibility or enhanced speed.

play stumble guys with friends

Whether you’re a novice eager to begin or seeking an added thrill, this dynamic party game caters to individuals of all skill levels. With its simple yet satisfying game mechanics and intuitive control scheme, Stumble Guys provides hours of fun for gamers of all ages.

From racing against opponents around tight corners to competing against your friends for top scores, there’s no shortage of excitement awaiting those who embark on this wacky adventure!

Understanding The Different Game Modes

We’re here to discuss the different game modes available in Stumble Guys for PC/Windows 7/8/10/11.

Survive Mode

Survive mode pits you against other opponents as you try to make it to the finish line first.

You’ll need to survive if you want to play Stumble Guys for PC on Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11. According to a recent survey, over 70% of players are still playing the game after 4 weeks of downloading it.

In this mode, your goal is simple – stay alive! You have to dodge obstacles like spinning wheels and giant hammers as you try to make it across the finish line in one piece. The longer you can survive without getting knocked out by the obstacles, the higher your score will be.

Stumble guys different competitions

To successfully navigate each level without elimination, this mode demands sharp reflexes, precise timing, and a sprinkle of good fortune. To up the challenge, some levels even include special bonus objectives that must be completed before time runs out.

If you can manage all that and make it out alive you’ll surely become an unstoppable force in Stumble Guys for Windows 7/8/10/11! With a little bit of skill and perseverance, anyone can become a master at surviving Stumble Guys’ Survive mode.

And with that mastery comes freedom from having to worry about being knocked out by those pesky obstacles!

Race Mode

Race mode is a fast-paced competition where you must complete laps faster than other players.

Put your racing skills to the test and prove you’re the fastest around in Stumble Guys! Compete against other players in a fun, chaotic, obstacle-filled race. Outsmart your opponents by using smart strategies while racing to be the first one to cross the finish line. Get creative with your strategy and use power-ups to your advantage.

With Stumble Guys for PC/Windows 7/8/10/11, you’ll enjoy:

  • Fast-paced action with unpredictable obstacles
  • An ever-changing course that keeps things fresh and exciting
  • The freedom to personalize your character and showcase your unique style.

Engage in friendly competition either as a solo player or join forces with friends and family to enhance the enjoyment together. Each race is full of surprises, so keep on your toes if you want to win! Challenge yourself or compete with others – the choice is yours.

Enjoy an exhilarating rush of adrenaline every time you play Stumble Guys on PC/Windows 7/8/10/11! Race into a world of endless possibilities where no two games are ever the same.

Team Mode

Team mode allows you to form teams with your friends and work together to get ahead of the competition.

Moving on from the race, let’s now discuss Stumble Guys in terms of team play.

Playing through a level as a team is an exciting experience for players who enjoy cooperative gaming. In this game, teams of up to four players can take on the obstacle courses together to try and reach the finish line first.

The objective is to collaborate as a team, ensuring that each member successfully completes the challenge without facing elimination. Players are encouraged to strategize and think ahead with their teammates in order to reach the finish line fastest!

Different Characters in Stumble Guys

Teamwork is key here, as each member needs to be aware of their surroundings and plan accordingly so that everyone makes it safely through each obstacle course. It takes coordination and communication between players in order for a team to succeed!

With such great teamwork opportunities available within Stumble Guys, it makes playing with friends even more enjoyable than just playing alone.

Battle Mode

The battle mode will challenge your reflexes as you must dodge obstacles while trying to defeat your opponents.

Battling in Stumble Guys is a blast, and it’s no surprise that the game has gained such widespread popularity. On average, players can compete with over 400 other opponents in each battle round, providing an exciting challenge for gamers looking to prove their skills.

Here are some of the best strategies for winning battles on PC:

  • Make use of your environment – You can take advantage of obstacles around you by pushing them into your opponents or using them to dodge incoming attacks.

  • Don’t underestimate power-ups – Power-ups provide a variety of bonuses, like invulnerability or speed boosts, so make sure you take full advantage of them whenever possible!

  • Take control of the crowd – The battlefield gets more chaotic as time goes on, but try to stay focused and take control of the situation by pushing enemies off ledges or into obstacles. This strategy can be especially useful when facing multiple opponents at once.

Armed with these valuable tips, you’ll be fully prepared to overcome every obstacle and emerge victorious in the thrilling battles of Stumble Guys on PC!

Strategies For Winning

We’re here to discuss strategies for winning Stumble Guys on PC/Windows 7/8/10/11.

The key components of success are to observe the course, master the controls, and time your moves correctly.

Winning steps/strategies for stumble guys

Additionally, playing with friends can help you strategize better and learn from each other’s mistakes.

Ultimately, you need to practice in order to become a champion at this game!

Observe the Course

Gliding along the course, we’ve got to keep our eyes peeled for any surprises. Our strategy is to observe what’s ahead and anticipate whatever might come next. | Action | Obstacle | Solution | Move left | Slippery floor | Take a wider step and slow down | Jump over gap | Gap too wide | Look for alternate paths around it We stay alert and watchful, making sure that nothing catches us off-guard as we traverse the terrain.

With careful observation of our surroundings, we can spot potential obstacles before they appear in front of us and prepare strategies to navigate them safely. Taking time to pause and evaluate the course helps us gain mastery over it—and ultimately take control of our own destiny on Stumble Guys!

Master The Controls

Now that we’ve had a chance to observe the course, it’s time to master the controls in Stumble Guys for PC/Windows 7/8/10/11. This game offers exciting and dynamic environments with interactive obstacles that require you and your friends to cooperate, communicate, and strategize in order to reach the finish line.

To become a pro at Stumble Guys, here’s what you need to do:

  • Stay vigilant and remain aware of your surroundings by closely monitoring the actions and movements of other players in the game.
  • Utilize your environment – use strategically placed objects such as walls or ledges.
  • Make quick decisions – anticipate opponents’ moves and be ready for any sudden changes or surprises.
  • Develop skills – Consistent practice is the key to mastering the controls, as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.

With these tips under our belt, we can now move on to the next step – mastering timing is essential if we want to take home victory!

Timing is Key

You’ll need to be spot-on with your timing if you want to win: the average game of Stumble Guys takes less than 10 minutes, so every second counts! In Stumble Guys, precision and timing are key. Players must time their jumps, slides, dives, and other moves perfectly in order to get ahead of the competition. For example, a player who times their jump just a fraction of a second too late will find themselves behind the pack.

Timing is critical for success in any round of Stumble Guys; it can make or break your chances at victory. Each move must be timed perfectly within the split-second window for success; otherwise, you’ll wind up lagging behind the competition.

With practice and focus, however, players can become skilled enough to master this important element of gameplay. Transitioning into playing with friends is an exciting step that allows players to test their skills against each other in an effortless way!

Play With Friends

Playing Stumble Guys with friends is the perfect way to add an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience! Whether you’re looking for a fun way to bond with family and friends or just some competition between pals, Stumble Guys offers plenty of ways to have fun.

  1. Play together – Compete in races, cooperate on levels, or set up custom games with your own rules.
  2. Races – Get creative with power-ups and obstacles as you compete against your friends in frantic races.
  3. Teamwork – Work together at levels that require coordination and communication.
  4. Custom Games – Create custom game modes that can be tailored to match the exact kind of experience you’re looking for.
  5. Chat – Talk with friends while playing using voice chat or text messages.

Stumble Guys is a great way to bring people together and create lasting memories through unique experiences. So grab some controllers, pull up your computers, and get ready to stumble around the world! Featuring user-friendly controls and straightforward rules, this game offers accessibility for everyone to enjoy. So why not gather your friends and invite them over for a delightful gaming session?

Learning from mistakes is all part of the fun, so jump right into Stumble Guys and get ready for some laughs!

Learn From Mistakes

Making mistakes is all part of the fun, so don’t be afraid to jump right in and have a blast! Stumble Guys is a great way for players to learn from their mistakes while having some fun. With each misstep or failure comes a lesson that can help sharpen reflexes and improve coordination.

Customizing Your Character

Customize your character to make them a unique part of the Stumble Guys crowd, like painting a canvas with vibrant colors. Choose from a variety of hats, masks, and outfits that fit your style.

Every item you unlock gives you something new and special to show off in the game. Unlocking achievements and rewards is fun as they add to your gameplay experience.

Customizing your character also brings personality to life in the game world; express yourself with different facial expressions or funny poses that are sure to make other players laugh! In Stumble Guys, the possibilities for personalizing your character’s appearance are limitless, allowing you to express your unique style without any boundaries.

Customize characters in stumble guys

Unlock exclusive skins for extra flair or put together an outfit for each level if you’re feeling creative. Change up colors on items for a more individual look or just mix and match pieces at random — whatever works best for you! Have some fun with it by creating wild combinations, then share them online with friends!

Being able to customize your avatar makes every playthrough unique and memorable; it’s like having a personalized signature in the world of Stumble Guys. With so many options available, it’s easy to create something that represents who you are — even without words!

Unlocking Achievements and Rewards

Unlock various rewards to enhance and elevate your gaming experience, unlocking even more excitement and enjoyment along the way!

In Stumble Guys, you’ll earn achievements and rewards as you progress. These rewards include a variety of in-game items such as colorful costumes for your character, special effects that will give life to your game, and achievable power-ups that will help you succeed.

Through the reward system, players have the opportunity to personalize their characters and distinguish themselves from others, making a memorable impression within the game’s community. Unlocking new items can be done by completing levels or by collecting coins throughout the game.

Unlocking Achievements and Rewards

As you reach higher levels, different prizes become available, making each playthrough unique and exciting. The best part is that unlocking these rewards won’t take too much time – they’re achievable after just a few rounds of playing!

The range of unlockable items encourages players to come back for more. With each gameplay session comes new surprises – whether it’s a rare costume piece or an exclusive effect – that make every round feel rewarding and motivating. There are also special challenges scattered throughout the game that offer bigger prizes if completed successfully – such as exclusive costumes only obtainable through these challenges!

All in all, unlocking achievements and rewards in Stumble Guys adds another level of depth to the game, giving players something extra to strive for while enjoying the fun arcade mechanics.


We need a good processor, 4GB RAM, and at least 2GB of free storage space to play Stumble Guys on PC. A graphics card is also recommended for smoother game performance. Enjoy the freedom of playing this fun and challenging game!

Yes. Stumble Guys is available for iOS devices. While the hardware requirements for PC may be different, we’re sure that if you have a compatible system, you can join the fun. With its engaging gameplay and wide range of levels, it’s no surprise that this game has captured the hearts of countless players, contributing to its well-deserved popularity!

We haven’t come across any cheats for Stumble Guys. However, we suggest spending time playing the game to hone your skills and explore strategies to become a better player. You’ll have more fun in the long run!

We’re like acrobats on a tightrope, balancing the challenge of increasing difficulty while still enjoying the game. Yes, Stumble Guys offers several options to make it more challenging. From adding obstacles and enemies to changing the speed and number of laps, you can tailor your experience for a greater thrill.

We regularly release new content to keep the game fresh and exciting. Our regular updates bring a host of exciting elements to the game, including exhilarating levels, enticing bonus rewards, and delightful surprises tailored for players of all proficiency levels. Come join the fun and discover the latest additions that await you!

Final Words

We’ve reached the end of our journey about how to play Stumble Guys on PC. We hope you now understand the game mechanics, controls, game modes, and strategies for winning.

With a bit of practice, you can unlock achievements and rewards as well as customize your character to your heart’s content! Just remember: “Practice makes perfect.”

So don’t give up if you don’t win right away; keep practicing and soon enough you’ll be heading for the top! Have fun playing Stumble Guys on PC!

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