Download Parkour Race MOD APK v1.9.9 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Download the latest MOD version of Parkour Race (The ultimate free run game, also known as the Poki Game) and play on Android. Collect unlimited money and gems to survive in the game. Enjoy the mega menu and play for free.

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Game NameParkour Race
Rating on Google Play4.2/5
Updated On12 June 2023
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Parkour Race is an online multiplayer running game that is a similar game to Run Race 3D MOD APK and Fall Guys MOD APK, designed to play on your Android devices. Parkour Race MOD APK has unique features different from other multiplayer games. Parkour Race was developed by Maddox and has received thousands of positive reviews and downloads from game lovers worldwide.

What are the System Requirements to Download?

The following are the system requirements to download Parkour Race:

  • Android Storage Space: 80 MB or higher
  • Device: 5.2 or higher
  • RAM: Minimum 4GB
  • Allow: Unknown Sources

Parkour Race APK: The Ultimate Free Run Game

Parkour Race Free Run is an online multiplayer Android game. The game has unique features. The game has attractive and exciting gameplay that can entertain you for hours. Parkour Race got thousands of reviews all over the world. The game aims to run over the building or other environments and face different challenges to overcome.

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Parkour Race MOD APK

Parkour Race MOD APK is a modded version of the game. The modified version of Parkour Race provides additional features to enjoy the game for free. For example, if you have a limit on getting in-game currency, the modified version will provide unlimited money and other in-game options. The gameplay will remain the same. It’s just a name of additional features. Additionally, you will get more customization options in Parkour Race MOD APK.

Parkour Race MOD APK - FreeRun Game

How to Play Parkour Race?

Parkour Race gameplay mainly focused on running and jumping over the buildings. You must run and jump over the building and face the difficulties and challenges during the game. In this game, you must use your gaming skills to target locations at speed. You must face and overcome all the difficulties you will face during running and jumping.

Parkour Race Gameplay

Parkour Race MOD APK is an arcade game where you can run in different situations and environments. Additionally, this game has many levels that appear surprisingly during playing. Many levels are expected, and you’ve to complete them individually. You can improve your gaming skills and become a good gamer with Parkour Race’s gameplay full of levels and excitement.

How to Download Parkour Race?

You can download Parkour Race MOD APK by clicking the download button at the top of this page. Just click the download button, and the file will be uploaded to your Android. You can install and then play on your Android.

Game Features

Following are the features of the Parkour Race game.


As we already compare Stumble Guys vs Parkour Race, we compare the features of Parkour Race MOD APK with Stumble Guys MOD APK. Here’s a detailed note on the customization feature of Parkour Race.

Parkour Race Customization

In this game, you can use customization options to change your character’s look and transform it into a catchy look. By using that option, you can make your character unique from other players worldwide. For example, if your in-game character outfit is red, set as default, you can change your outfit to another catchy look that suits your preference.

Guidance Tutorials

If you’re new at this game and need to learn how to download, install, or play the game. This game will provide you with a brief video tutorial description of how you can control your character. It will also guide you on how to get in-game currency, change your character appearance, and become a winner.

Quality Graphics

The Parkour Race has attractive graphics that contain a high-quality resolution. The graphics are so amazing, which will keep your interest in the game. Also, these graphics features can help you to chase your competitor in a full display.

Many Levels

In addition to becoming more exciting, the game adds many levels that will keep you busy in the gameplay. These levels are full of hurdles that you must face and overcome while running in the game.

Exciting Modes

This game is amazing that is full of excitement. The game has additional exciting modes. Classic mode and daily mode are much more famous than game lovers. When you enter the classic mode, you will get 100 or more challenges as a reward. While in a daily mode, you must face many difficulties and additional levels to get more scores than other players. You will have more chances to win the game if you overcome these additional challenges.


You can collect power-ups to boost your gaming speed and run faster than usual. These powerups can be collected depending on the game’s performance. Additionally, these powerups will help you to jump over the higher levels.

Easy Control

Easy control is one of the great benefits of playing Parkour Race if you’re a newbie and need to learn how to play on an Android screen. You can control your character by easily tapping on the screen. You can move your character right or left according to your in-game needs.

Jumping Cables

The game has cables that will help you to jump over the buildings. These cables are designed to jump from one building to another.

MOD Features

Parkour Race MOD APK has the following additional features.

Unlimited Money

You will get unlimited money in Parkour Race MOD APK. This unlimited money will be available only during the gameplay by completing different levels. You can spend this money to buy in-game items. For example, if you want to select a custom outfit in the game. Then you’ve to spend this money on it to accept custom outfits.

Unlimited Gems

Unlimited gems can be awarded in the modified version. You can get unlimited gems to overcome others easily. These gems can help you to get more power than usual.

Unlocked Skins

Parkour Race MOD APK offers all the skins unlocked. So, you can buy these skins and make your character more attractive. Additionally, many of these skins would be free of cost.

Unlocked Levels

In the modified version of the game, their many levels are unlocked. You don’t have to pay in-game currency for these levels. All the levels are unlocked in the modded version.

No ads

In the modified version of Parkour Race, all the irritating ads are locked. You can play the game without seeing ads.

How to be rewarded in Parkour Race MOD APK?

You will be awarded rewards like unlimited money, gems, tokens, or skins unlocked in the gameplay by completing different challenges. You’ve to overcome obstacles to get rewards. You can also get more rewards by completing classic and daily modes.


You can download Parkour Race for free from this website by clicking the download button above.

Yes, sure. Downloading Parkour Race MOD APK is completely safe. You can download it without any hesitation.

It depends on your playing hours. But the game downloading will take 73MB to get downloads on your phone.

You can get unlimited money in Parkour Race by completing different obstacles.

Parkour Race is one of the best online multiplayer games with unique features. The gameplay is fun-packed.


Parkour Race is a running game with various obstacles to overcome during the gameplay. The game has unique challenges that would be a new experience for game lovers. The game controls are easy to control your character. The game is all-ages friendly and can be played with friends and family.

Parkour Race MOD APK is the modified version of the game that offers additional features. You can enjoy the customization options to change your character appearance. The Modded version offers unlimited money, gems, and tokens. It also offers all the skins unlocked; all the levels are unlocked in this game.

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