Download Fall Guys MOD APK v1.0.4 (Unlimited Money, Keys)

Download the latest version of Fall Guys MOD APK for free (season 4) as it introduces new features and additional levels that could be impressive for you. The game is also available to download for PC and iOS devices.

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Initial Overview

GameFall Guys MOD APK
Release Date2022
Latest Versionv1.0.4
Updated on6 September. 2022
Size48.97 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlocked

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout MOD APK is a multiplayer video game Mediatonic developed in 2020. This game quickly became more popular among game lovers. You will find its gameplay addictive and entertaining. You can choose Fall Guys MOD APK because of its cartoonish graphics and colorful gameplay.

This game is for you if you’re new to gaming and unfamiliar with the game mechanism and characters’ controls. It’s a similar game to Stumble Guys MOD APK and Parkour Race MOD APK.

If you want to download the updated (latest version of Fall Guys MOD APK), then you’ve to visit You can download the game for your Android. Also, you can install and play Fall Guys on mobile without disturbing ads.

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Fall Guys APK

Fall Guys is an online game where you must complete different levels with additional challenges to appear as a winner. You’ve to face other hurdles and avoid them to win the game. The game features various courses and mini-games that could randomly appear for each round, which help you stay connected with the game and keep the gameplay fresh.

fall guys APK

To help you achieve victory, Fall Guys offers a variety of power-ups and abilities that you can use to compete with your opponents, giving you an edge over your competitor. For example, you can grab onto other players to slow them down, use a speed boost to outrun the competition or utilize a shield to protect yourself from incoming attacks.

Fall Guys MOD APK

If you’re wondering about enjoying additional features unlocked in Fall Guys, then the modified version of Fall Guys is especially for you. Fall Guys MOD APK is a modified version of the game, offering all the premium features unlocked for free. Furthermore, you will get unlimited money and gems for free. This money could be used to buy in-game items such as skins and clothes.

fall guys MOD APK

In Fall Guys MOD APK, you will get additional customization options for free, which will help you to change your character’s appearance. In addition, the moded version could be enjoyed without irritating ads. The Modified version is free from ads.

Fall Guys APK Latest Version

The latest version of Fall Guys is v1.0.4, a popular multiplayer game, that introduces exciting new features and improvements. Players can enjoy fresh levels, costumes, and game modes, including intense races and challenging team battles.

Fall Guys Latest Version

The update also brings enhanced matchmaking, bug fixes, and optimized performance, ensuring an even more enjoyable gaming experience. In addition, the latest version of Fall Guys includes new customization options, such as unique emotes and vibrant skins, allowing players to personalize their characters and stand out in chaotic competitions.

Fall Guys APK Season 4

Players can choose their favorite season while playing the game. Season 4 is the most advanced and updated season of the game. You can download Season 4 by clicking on the download button above.

Fall Guys Season 4

Fall Guys season 4 is most favorite and likely among game lovers as it introduces new steps, levels, and high-resolution graphics. Game lovers want this season because of its updated features.

Fall Guys MOD Menu

The Fall Guys MOD Menu is a popular modification that provides players with additional features and advantages. It offers various cheats and tricks, such as unlimited resources, invincibility, and enhanced speed, giving players an unfair advantage over others. Additionally, it offers:

  • Mega Menu
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Tokens
  • Unlocked Everything
  • Customizable Characters
  • Coins

How to Play Fall Guys

The gameplay of Fall Guys is simple and easy to play. In this section, we will tell you how to play Fall Guys and how to control characters.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a multiplayer game where you will enjoy its colorful and whimsical design that will engage you with the gameplay for hours.

How to play fall guys

In the Fall Guys MOD APK, you will control a character called a “Fall Guy.” These characters are cute with different costumes, colors, and patterns that you can customize your character to make them unique.

Fall Guys the ultimate knockout gameplay

How to play Fall Guys: Each round in Fall Guys would be full of additional challenges with different objectives and obstacles. On some levels, you must involve racing to finish, while others require you to work with other players to push objects or complete challenges. As your progress through each round, the number of beans gradually reduces until only one player remains.

Fall Guys Gameplay

Fall Guys is an online multiplayer course game where you can play with 59 other players and can compete with each other. It’s a battle royale where you must be the last to win the competition.

System Requirements to Download Fall Guys

Minimum Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit only
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

Recommended Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit only
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 or AMD RX 580
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space.

Features of Fall Guys APK

Wacky Obstacle Courses

Fall Guys features a variety of obstacle courses and mini-games that challenge you to run, jump, and dodge your way through a series of wacky obstacles.

Multiplayer Action

Up to 60 players can compete in each round of Fall Guys, making for a chaotic and unpredictable gameplay experience.

Easy to Play

The game is designed to be easy to pick up and play, with straightforward controls and intuitive gameplay mechanics accessible to players of all skill levels.

Fun and Lighthearted

Fall Guys features bright and colorful graphics, a whimsical soundtrack, and silly character designs, creating a fun and lighthearted atmosphere.

Customizable Characters

You can customize your characters with various outfits and accessories to stand out.

Randomized Challenges

Each round of Fall Guys features randomized challenges and obstacles, ensuring that no two games are the same.

Variety of Game Modes

Fall Guys offers various game modes, including team-based challenges, races, and survival modes, adding variety and replayability to the game.

Features of Fall Guys MOD APK

The modified version of Fall Guys offers additional features to the gameplay, which can be enjoyed for free. If you want to enjoy the game with its 100% features, you should download the modified version of Fall Guys. The following are the features of Fall Guys MOD APK:

Unlimited Money

The modded version of Fall Guys provides unlimited money as an additional game feature. This in-game money could be used to unlock different skins and custom colors. You can use this money to buy custom outfits. Additionally, you can unlock some levels and challenges by using that in-game money.

Skins Unlocked

It’s an excellent feature of Fall Guys MOD APK. In this version, all the skins are unlocked that you can use to customize your characters to stand out from other players.

No Ads

This version offers you ads-free gameplay where you can enjoy the game without facing irritating ads.

Free to Download

You can download Fall Guys MOD APK with all the modified features.

Download Fall Guys MOD APK Free

Download the latest version of Fall Guys MOD APK for free, from Enjoy the game without ads, get unlimited money, and skins unlocked. Here’s how to download and install Fall Guys MOD APK:

  • Go to the top of the page and see “Download Fall Guys.”
  • Click on the download button, and downloading will start.
  • Wait a moment, and the file will be downloaded into your system.
  • Go to your system and click on the file you download from
  • Click on the open, and allow you to install it on your system.
  • Allow unknown sources from the settings of your system.
  • Wait a few seconds, and your system will install the game.
  • Now the game has been installed and is ready to play.
  • Let’s play and enjoy.

Fall Guys for PC

Fall Guys PC

Fall Guys was a Steam game with many gamers still playing through the platform. But now, the game is not available on Steam platforms more. But if you are a PC lover and could be comfortable playing games on PC. Then you don’t have to worry because the game is still available to download for free on PC. You can download Fall Guys on PC from Epic Games Store.

Fall Guys Online

Many Fall Guys lovers think there’s a difference between ‘Fall Guys Online’ and ‘Fall Guys Mobile’. But, there’s no difference between ‘Fall Guys Online and Fall Guys Mobile. The modified version is available to download for Android and you can play it online.

Is Fall Guys Free to Download and Play?

While it was initially released as a paid game and was available for platform games. But, now Fall Guys is totally free to download and Install. You can download Fall Guys for free from this website.

How many Maps are in Fall Guys?

Fall Guy’s lover asked how many maps there are in the game. There are 67 maps in the game. We are providing the complete list of all these maps. Here’s a list of the maps in the game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. A few of the maps from 67 are new maps in Fall Guys MOD APK.

  • Door Dash
  • Gate Crash
  • Hit Parade
  • Slime Climb
  • See Saw
  • Whirlygig
  • Roll Out
  • Jump Club
  • Tail Tag
  • Hoarders
  • Egg Scramble
  • Fall Ball
  • Jinxed
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll
  • Fruit Chute
  • Hex-A-Gone
  • Perfect Match
  • Dizzy Heights
  • Tip Toe
  • The Whirlygiggauntlet (Season 4 map)
  • Lost Temple (Season 5 map)
  • Tundra Run (Season 5 map)
  • Skyline Stumble (Season 5 map)
  • Slimescraper (Season 6 map)
  • Power Trip (Season 6 map)
  • Button Bashers (Season 6 map)
  • Big Shots (Season 7 map)
  • Skyline Stumble 2.0 (Season 7 map)
  • Climb (Season 7 map)
  • Roll Off (Season 7 map)
  • Flummoxed (Season 8 map)
  • Penguin Pursuit (Season 8 map)
  • Basketball (Season 8 map)
  • Power Trip 2.0 (Season 8 map)
  • Hex-a-Gone 2.0 (Season 9 map)
  • Thin Ice (Season 9 map)
  • Wall Guys (Season 9 map)
  • Freezy Peak (Season 9 map)
  • Snowball Survival (Season 10 map)
  • Freeze Fall (Season 10 map)
  • Ski Fall (Season 10 map)
  • Roll On (Season 10 map)
  • Button Bashers 2.0 (Season 11 map)
  • Big Shots 2.0 (Season 11 map)
  • Skyline Stumble 3.0 (Season 11 map)
  • Slimescraper 2.0 (Season 11 map)
  • Slimey Scrap (Season 12 map)
  • Dizzy Heights 2.0 (Season 12 map)
  • Penguin Pursuit 2.0 (Season 12 map)
  • Wall Guys 2.0 (Season 12 map)
  • Knight Fever (Season 13 map)
  • Basketball 2.0 (Season 13 map)
  • Power Trip 3.0 (Season 13 map)
  • Power Trip 4.0 (Season 13 map)
  • Perfect Match 2.0 (Season 14 map)
  • Freezy Peak 2.0 (Season 14 map)
  • Honeycomb Heroes (Season 14 map)
  • Lost Temple 2.0 (Season 14 map)

What are New Maps in Fall Guys?

Initially, there were 59 maps in 2021. But, the developer added new 8 maps in Fall Guys. So now, there are 67 maps in total in that game. Here is the list of new maps in Fall Guys.

  • Egg Siege
  • Hoopsie Daisy
  • Jinxed
  • Pegwin Pursuit
  • Snowy Scrap
  • Snowy Scrap (Most famous)
  • Sum Fruit


You can download Fall Guys MOD APK for free from this website (

Yes. It’s 100% secure.

Right now, Fall Guys is not available on PlayStore. But it can be played on android with the help of cloud computing.

You can get unlimited money in Fall Guys by completing different levels and competing with your opponents. Also, the modified version of the game provides you with unlimited money that can be used to purchase in-game items.

The modified version offers you unlocked skins. Additionally, you can unlock all the skins by investing in-game money.

You have to be online to play Fall Guys.

The game is unavailable now on steam stores because Epic Games moves it into their stores. But there’s good news for PC lovers the game can be downloaded on the Epic stores for free.


Fall Guys is one of the most addictive online gameplay games that has received thousands of positive reviews from its lovers worldwide. It’s 60 players multiplayer knockout obstacle course where you can play with the other 59 players. The game’s features include completing different obstacles round after round. The gameplay allows you to dive, jump, and run against your opponents.

The game was available on different Steam platforms, but now it is no longer on them. But still, you can download Fall Guys for PC for free from the Epic Games official store. You can also download the modified version of Fall Guys for free from this website and can get unlimited money and skins unlocked. You can play Fall Guys MOD APK without facing irritating ads. The game’s features are customizable characters, attractive graphics, different game modes, unexpected challenges, and multiplayer action.

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